I was unfortunately still unwell during week 9, and I was very disappointed because the guest speaker, Chantelle Morvay-Adam, from BC Access. I was particularly sad to miss this class because equity for neurodiverse students and how we can great this in schools is a passion of mine. I spent some time on the BC Ed website to see the tools they have. They have some really interesting blog posts. I found one about childcare particularly interesting. As someone who works in childcare, I see how often childcare fails to provide for students with disabilities. It is amazing to see that advocacy groups like BC Ed exist but I believe ideally teachers would be advocating for students on their own. I also think we should be doing more to empower students with disabilities to speak for themselves. Though different people will have different abilities to speak for themselves, we should those who want the chance to speak on it whenever possible. Because they are the only people who will ever properly understand their experience.

This is a Canva I edited to reflect inclusion in education, you can see the original here